Be up to date with the changes in the marketplace, from product positioning
to reviews and comments.

New/Removed SKUs

Find out whenever a product is removed or added.

Identify the retailer the product is added or removed.

See how many products are added/removed in a retailer.

In-Stock Store Changes

Find out whenever the number of stores that a product is sold at rises or drops drastically.

Compare to other retailers’ in-stock store levels between two periods to spot trends and patterns.

Take advantage of whenever competitors are out of stock, or anticipate shifts in in-stock store changes.

Price Variance

Find out whenever there’s a large price difference for a single product sold at multiple retailers.

Find out where these products are sold and their pricing at each retailer, including average price.

Comprehensive overviews of product pricing at multiple retailers to help inform your own pricing strategy.

Price Drop

Find out whenever a model’s price suddenly drops drastically, due to promotion or otherwise.

View the trends of product pricing and spot the patterns.

React accordingly to counteract competitors’ promotion strategy.

Changes in Ratings

Find out whenever a product’s ratings change drastically at any retailer.

Find out how much it changed in accordance to lifetime ratings, and see how many reviews products received within a period.

Always be on top of customer sentiment and react to products’ changes in ratings.


Find out which products at which retailers have been getting recent reviews.

Read individual reviews and see the impact of reviews on products’ lifetime ratings.

View and respond to individual comments on products and enhance your customer service capabilities.

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We cater the platform to your needs.

We cater the platform to your needs.

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